Welcome to Fragile Jane’s Official Website.

Formed in the mid 90’s by Guitarist James Delia, Fragile Jane™ was one of South Florida’s premiere original acts.

Their music contained both political and human related content and showcased this super group’s (in the making) talents.

James Delia

With James Delia on Guitar and production, Al Edwards on Bass, Tim Callahan on Drums and Astrid Pazmino on Vocals, every Fragile Jane™ performance was sold out among some of South Florida’s top live performance venues that included The Button South, Rosebuds and Summer’s On The Beach to name a few.

Al Edwards

Tim Callahan

All that remains is their great music and we hope you enjoy it.

Astrid Pazmino

If you would like a copy of the great music they left behind, feel free to send us a message and we will try to accommodate your wishes.

Thank you for your visit to our website.

James Delia ( o}===;;;™
Fragile Jane™